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Half Rabbit

Full Rabbit

Full Rabbit

24 February - 11th March 2012
Full Rabbit is a group exhibition featuring the works of UK and Chinese artists, examining the notion of fortune. The exhibition will open in London from 24th February 2012 in the vast basement vaults of Shoreditch Town Hall. Open from 12-6pm Monday to Sunday.

Full Rabbit showcases a multi-disciplinary collection of solo and collaborative work previously unseen in Britain, from twelve UK based and eight Chinese artists: Maria Castro, Experimenter En Couleur, Paul Davis, Leslie Deere, Felicity Ford, Gogo J, Sui Jianguo, Yan Jun, Christian Krupa, Catherine Shakespeare Lane, Alex McLean,
Chris Moon, Tim Norris, Ruan Qianrui, EunJoo Shin, Seaming To, Philip Smiley, Neil Webb, Ron Wright, Ding Xin and Jun Yuan.

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Collaborative works between UK and Chinese artists include Local Whispers, shown at the V&A 2011, but further developed in Beijing to become a reference for the current interpretive situation. This involves Sui Jianguo, Experimenter En Couleur, Yan Jun, Jun Yuan, Ruan Qianrui, Christian Krupa and Ding Xin.

Sound installation Rabbit Sequence by Experimenter En Couleur and Ruan Qianrui, sees 20 people ranging from 3-80 years old, asked to talk about their fortune and presents them as traditional Chinese clay ornaments.

Catherine Shakespeare Lane will exhibit unseen work including, Piss Artist for D.H, an installation of champagne bottle caps originally made for Damien Hirst, representing the celebration of 300 occasions, like drinking with Colony Room characters. On Top of Edouardo fuses two rabbits from Chinese and British culture featuring a plaster cast given to CSL by Eduardo Paolozzi and This Game Not Those is a piece about the victimisation of Chinese protesters in the lead up to the Beijing Olympics.

Painter Chris Moon, whose successful debut solo exhibition took place in London in 2011, will unveil his Love Heart series, twelve pictures using nostalgic Love Heart confectionary at various stages of disintegration to tell the story of past relationships, from First Love, to One Night Stand and Fantasy Girl.
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Half Rabbit

5 June - 3 July 2011
Six months into the year of the rabbit, the 'Half Rabbit' exhibition presents sculpture and sound to examine ideas on fortune and self perception. UK and Chinese artists in one exhibition at Platform China Institute of Contemporary Arts, from the 5th June to 3rd July.
'Half Rabbit'
is two parts; 'Half Rabbit (main)' and 'Local Whispers2'. 

local whispers photo

'Half Rabbit (main)': Audio Architecture and Sub Jam bring together a diverse collection of solo and collaborative multidisciplinary work specifically for 'Half Rabbit'. Each of the artworks attempts to communicate and engage their audience in a particular manner, inspiring and generating personal hopes and fears.
'Half Rabbit (main)' involves: Catherine Shakespeare Lane, Neil Webb, Experimenter En Couleur, Yan Jun, Leslie Deere, Ron Wright, Christian Krupa, Ruan Qianrui, Maria Castro, Felicity Ford, Alex McLean, and Christopher Moon.
Sui Jianguo contributing to Local Whispers 2
Sui Jianguo talks about CSL's Chopped Rabbit
'Local Whispers 2': Near the end of the exhibition the gallery was stripped bare to make way for an audio ghost of the Beijing experiences. Audio prepared from recordings of artists and the local environment are presented in three rooms.
'Local Whispers 2' involves: Sui Jianguo, Experimenter En Couleur, Jun Yuan, Yan Jun, Christian Krupa, Ruan Qianrui, Ding Xin, and Shan Studio.

Thankyou to the British Council China-UK Connections for supporting the exchange between Audio Architecture and Beijing artists.
Some of the works
Rabbit Sequence - Experimenter En Couleur
Rabbit Sequence - clay, paint, electronics, sound - EEC and Ruan Qianrui


Rabbit On The Move - audio visual film - Catherine Shakespeare Lane


The Wall, Experimenter En Couleur

reluctant rabbit - christian krupa

Reluctant Rabbit, Christian Krupa

message in a bottle - leslie deere
Message in a Bottle, Leslie Deere


Vending Machines, Felicity Ford


Love Hurts, Christopher Moon

Information on all artists involved can be found at the foot of the page.

Local Whispers
London - V&A
26-28th January 2011
Audio Architecture work again with Sub Jam following the previously incomplete project for Dashanzi International Arts Festival in 2007. This time Yan Jun and Ruan Qianrui worked with Experimenter En Couleur and Christian Krupa on an installation called 'Local Whispers'. This multi-faceted collaboration was first exhibited at the V&A Museum on the 26-28th February 2011. The experience involves natural and everyday sounds in an environment of silent moving image and physical objects captured and collected from China and the UK.
local whispers photo
'Local Whispers' relates to human perception, the freedom of the imagination and the unreliability of human recollection. The first 'Local Whispers' installation was specifically arranged for the V&A's British Galleries Study Room 55 and to work with Cornelia Parker's 'Breathless' and the gallery above. Headphones lifted by white balloons play found sounds below Cornelia's dark cloud of squashed instruments and are restrained by physical objects. The visitors are invited to explore both sounds and the related objects, using the sound to set the immediate surroundings and object as a catalyst for the imagination. Through the circular gallery above the piece, rays of light augment the walls below with suggestive imagery fragmented by shadows.
Continually being developed by the group, 'Local Whispers' will exhibit its second stage in Beijing in June and then in London later in the year.
With help from the British Council, collaborators are able to exchange studio space and ideas easily and work together in the UK and China.
Artists involved in Exhibition 1, 2 and 3:
UK based artists
Maria Castro
Sound designer and composer, currently working in the UK as lecturer in Music Technology at the University of Huddersfield. After studying at the University of London, she spent several years working in Paris and London on short films and documentaries, and specialising in the intersection between sound and film.
Experimenter En Couleur
An artist who specialises in technology to explore new relationships between sound, colour, form, time and the users. These are multidisciplinary works often using modes of reactive expression to straddle sound, image and sculpture and explore the intersection of abstract communication and interactivity.
Leslie Deere
Multimedia artist working with sound, image, interactive installations and sculptural pieces. Work often focuses on representations of the miniscule and perception. It offers a response to making art across cultures and countries. Considering ideas of linearity, narrative and time and setting out to respond to singular and collective perceptions.
Felicity Ford
Sound artist principally interested in our imaginative relationship with everyday sounds. She recently completed a PhD at Oxford Brookes University researching The Domestic Soundscape and presenting everyday sounds to audiences. Ford’s practice is subversive, playful and celebratory, revealing the fantastical and the special in the everyday and the unspectacular.

Christian Krupa
Animator director, he adopts a unique approach to image making, working directly with materials of graphic films telling stories that the camera cannot.
His combination of skills in visual effects and animation allows him to forge a style bridging compelling storytelling and subversive graphical imagery.

Catherine Shakespeare Lane
CSL's work under the title Modern Archaeology is about collections of lost and found objects and images. Selection, arrangement and presentation are the three stages demanded to create a work of art. The images and objects are rearranged by CSL who often relies on the elements and the accident. In 2008 she exhibited with Sui Jianguo and Zhan Wang at the Economist Building, London.
Alex McLean
An eternal researcher and currently PhD student at the Digital Studios in Goldsmiths College, London. He is also one third of the gabba skiffle live coding group slub, and co-founder of the Toplap organisation for the proliferation of live algorithm programming.
Christopher Moon
Christopher Moon is a British born self-taught painter currently working from London. His take on the past, along with his screwed reading of the present and his contemporary take on the male gaze, make him one of the most exciting young painters emerging today. Moon exhibits his first mixed media work especially for Half Rabbit Beijing. To view paintings from his latest exhibition click:
Neil Webb and Ron Wright
Neil is a practising artist based in Sheffield working predominantly with sound and is senior lecturer in sound at Sheffield Hallam University. His practice includes sound installation, video, performance, curation, CD releases under the name bocman and is a founder member of Host Artists Group.
Ron is a senior lecturer in sound at Sheffield Hallam University. He is also an active freelance sound artist whose work examines the intersections between sound design and sound art. His film work is focused on the independent and experimental film sector.
China based artists
Sui Jianguo, Jun Yuan, Yan Jun, GoGo J, Ding Xin, Ruan Qianrui, Alexis Murakami,

Special thanks go to:
The British Council China-UK Connections - support, Tom Whitemore - manager, Yanye Huang - interpreter, Eliza Gluckman - V&A curator and all at Platform China Institute of Contemporary Arts, Beijing.

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